RK Recon


I bet most pre-owned vehicles on your lot have have rock chip and/or scratch damage. In the past when a vehicle got a paint chip, dealers were left with three options:

  1. 1.Buy touch-up paint and have your detailers try to fix them

  2. 2.Do nothing and live with them

  3. 3.Pay big money for auto body shop repair

Option 1: Touch-up paint is difficult to apply, takes a lot of time when large numbers of chips are present, and worst of all, leaves little blobs of paint wherever applied. Don’t even try to touch-up the speckled chips, or road rash, from highway travel. This is impossible to perform at the dealer level for each affected vehicle, and results are often not an improvement in appearance.

Option 2: The option of doing nothing is often selected due to being afraid of making a bad situation worse. The problem is an unprotected chip will rust and turn brown, effecting the appearance and value of the vehicle even more. This is probably what you, and your competition, are doing currently.

Option 3: Now the vehicle looks great, but sending the vehicle to an auto body shop for repair is too expensive to be cost effective for the dealer. What if you could get a comparable repair and appearance improvement, but without the high cost associated with body shop repair?

First impressions are the most important, and cars that look better sell in less time and for more gross. RK Recon focuses on that first impression by providing automobile dealers with chip repair, scratch repair, and other appearance improvements, at a much lower cost than traditional repainting costs. Get an edge on your competition by having better looking cars without the obvious scratches and chips.


Quality Automotive reconditioning

Many dealers are now looking to improve new vehicle CSI scores by repairing scratches and other paint blemishes before delivering the vehicle to the customer.

How is your CSI ?

RK Recon did ten vehicles on my lot. The difference from before to after was dramatic and very noticeable.  In fact one car had been on the lot for  two months and sold the day the chip repair was made. Great job guys.

-- Chad B.

I’m very demanding when it comes the the appearance of my car. I had several chips that really bothered me and now I can’t even see them!

--  Antonio A.